Klik Education

Klik Education is a pioneering company specializing in an Electronic Learning Environment.

Part of their offerings is the Source Builder, a custom Content Management System (CMS), tailored to meet the unique demands of educational institutions.

The company’s slogan, "Software that makes learning goal-oriented education clear," encapsulates its commitment to enhancing educational experiences through goal-oriented and lucid software solutions that bridge the gap between technology and learning.

Develop Custom CMS

Full Stack Developer

Cloud Developer

1 September, 2021

Overview Project

The initial part of the project was dedicated to developing a custom CMS using Angular, and migrating existing data and documents between blob storage containers.
With a three-month deadline being set, one requirement was to efficiently work on the CMS creation and manage data migration to ensure seamless transfer and integration.

The second phase of the project encompassed a mix of development tasks. I focused on developing the front-end and the API for the Electronic Learning Environment.

Additionally, there was some work developing and bug-fixing the Source Builder project. A brief period was also allocated to the development of the Student Administration System, streamlining administrative processes.

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