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At The Trading Agency, years of experience and trading knowledge in Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency have been combined into a comprehensive program: The Trading Mastercourse.

This program has been meticulously designed to shorten the learning curve while maintaining quality. The Trading Agency has simplified the complicated methodologies and concepts of trading into an easy-to-understand course, so that anyone can learn and apply these strategies.

Digital Education Platform

Technical Co-founder

December, 2020

Overview Project

At The Trading Agency, we created an all-encompassing program called The Trading Mastercourse, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency.

The project initiated with designing a end-to-end solution, which was then launched and developed further to ensure a robust learning platform.

Following this, the course content was curated to break down complex trading methodologies and concepts and finally, scrupulous editing of the educational material.

The program is designed to expedite the learning process for trading enthusiasts without sacrificing quality.

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