Student Webshop NL

Student Webshop NL is an E-commerce platform and a fork from MBOwebshop, which is an E-commerce platform as well.

On the platform students can order everything they need for the academic year. Each MBO institution that's on board takes care of putting together personalized learning packages, and they do this in the secure environment of the web shop.

Develop E-commerce Platform

Full Stack Developer

6 April, 2023

Overview Project

This project involved comprehensive front-end development from inception to execution. Initially, there was a contribution to the design of the front-end architecture, ensuring a scalable and efficient structure.

Subsequently, assistance was provided in designing several web pages, with a focus on user experience and responsive design. With the architecture and designs in place, the front-end was launched from scratch, integrating the newly created web pages.

The final phase of the project was devoted to developing the API where necessary.

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