Rotterdam Safety Region

The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Security Region is a government organization that performs tasks on behalf of the 13 municipalities in the region in the field of disaster management, crisis management, risk management, fire services, ambulance care and medical assistance.
All 13 mayors together form the general board. The chairman of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Security Region is the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb

Assist Microsoft Azure Migration

Back End Developer

Cloud Developer

1 March, 2023

Overview Project

The project entailed migrating an on-premises datawarehouse to Microsoft Azure SQL database.

The initial task was converting PostgreSQL scripts to T-SQL scripts. This foundational step was critical in ensuring seamless transition and enabling the organization to harness the scalability of Azure.

The second task involved assisting the team in transitioning from Jira to Azure DevOps. A presentation was provisioned to elucidate Azure DevOps capabilities. Additionally, the project was set up, along with Boards for agile planning and Repos for source control, facilitating a smooth transition and establishing an efficient workflow.

The final task encompassed setting up Azure Synapse Analytics pipelines to streamline data processing. Data was fetched from an on-premises database and stored in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. Subsequently, the data was converted to .parquet files, which were then efficiently written to the Azure SQL database.

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